MAGFest is a nexus for all things video game music, and is sometimes called the largest video game music festival in the world. Accordingly, music is just everywhere and we love it!

The Concert Hall

What can't you see on a MAGFest main stage?!
Here are some things you can!

  • Video game cover bands.
  • Bands inspired by video games.
  • Bands that seem like they came from a video game.
  • Original composers of video game music playing live.
  • Chiptune artists using video game systems as instruments.
  • DJ's remixing video game music.
  • Visualists making everyone look so good.

Two stages. Three nights. All awesome.

Want the full lineup for this year. Right here!

Special late night events: Boom!


“Wut teh wat is da Chipspace”?

Chipspace is MAGFest's chiptune open mic stage, which is available to any and all MAGFest attendees interested in & capable of performing chipmusic at MAG. (tl;dr – It’s a Jamspace for chiptunes yo!). More info on Chipspace HERE!

Chipspace collage (top left to bottom right) by Trianine, pixie druid, Roberto Bazzoni & NickelEdge.


Open mic with instruments provided. Or bring your own! Hop on stage and jam with all of the other talented musicians at MAGFest. Even if you're not a musician, you can still sit back and enjoy the music.


Sometimes people bring their own instruments and play them in the hallway. We're strangely comfortable with this.

If you choose to play an instrument in the hallway please be mindful of impeding traffic, or causing excessive noise.
Due to the inherent noise and traffic issues that arise from hallway DJs, we're currently working on a system to accommodate the growing requests from DJs to set up their equipment in the hallways.