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MAGFest 8.5
MAGFest 8.5


MAGFest is a nexus for all things video game music, and is sometimes called the largest video game music festival in the world. We have many places at the festival where you can enjoy all the bands, chiptune artists, DJs, and other musicans that MAGFest has to offer. You can check out the full lineup of scheduled performances on our musicians page.


Video game covers bands, chiptune artists, and DJs will be performing here all weekend. We've got so many performers, that we'll be running two stages all weekend long!


Open mic with provided instruments, or bring your own! Hop on stage and jam with all of the other talented musicians at MAGFest. Even if you're not a musician, you can still sit back and enjoy the music.


Sometimes people bring their own instruments and play them in the hallway. We're strangely comfortable with this. If you choose to play an instrument in the hallway please be mindful of impeding traffic, or causing excessive noise near quiet areas.