MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase (MIVS)

he Indies are IN!!!!

These are the finalists for the 2017 MIVS showcase!

For any questions related to submission please check the MIVS FAQ Page .

Best of luck to all Indies the MIVS staff is excited to see the wonderful development that all of the Devs have been working in the last year!

The Indie Showcase continues to support indie game studios in their latest creative endeavors, with over 50 video games being shown this year...

In addition to the daily noon to 7pm showcase (noon to 2pm on Sunday), there is the 24 hour "Indie Arcade", featuring indie video games in custom built arcade enclosures - because sometimes you really need to play a fresh, new game at 4am in the morning.

Once all the indie booths are allocated; if you are an indie with a video game, there is still option to show your game at one of our "QuickPlay" tables.

Information on "QuickPlay" and other answers can be found on the MIVS FAQ Page.

Any questions not answered in the FAQ, or for general MIVS department contact, please send an e-mail to: