Welcome, enlightened citizens.

We are the MAGFest Laboratories Entertainment Center, located in Alexandria, Virginia. We hope your rest has been a pleasant one.

Your specimen has been processed and we are almost ready to begin the test.

Your stay will last 72 straight hours, from September 1, to September 3.
All new citizens are encouraged to participate with visual entertainment apparati (video games), audio instrumental gatherings (concerts), and miscellaneous test chambers (cool stuff). We will also have MAGFest Laboratories guest scientists and a vendor containment room.

As part of a required test protocol, we will not monitor these test chambers (although that might be an outright fabrication. Ha ha.) If you would like to sponsor a test chamber or a test panel, please see the test chambers page.

And if you would like to be tested, please observe the sidebar to purchase your test subject ID.
For any clarifications, please e-mail contacts@magfest.org.
See you soon!