The third year of the acclaimed video game film festival Games on Film features over 30 hours of programming, the best video game films of 2014. Curated by NYC filmmaker Chad Williams.

January 23-25, 2015
11a - Midnight
Screening times listed on the MAGFest schedule
(Downloadable PDF version of just the GoF schedule available here)

Games on Film is a curated film festival (no submission fees) that screens the best video game films of the past year from across the globe. Over 30 filmmakers are attending to give Q&As and create a unique community fostered by MAGFest. Games on Film is a celebration of video games, fans, and professional filmmakers.

WORLD PREMIERE: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Episode 3 - The Circle of Fate

The Old Republic trilogy concludes in this action-packed machinima created by hacking the classic KOTOR game and adding voices, cinematic camera angles, and the classic Star Wars score by John Williams. Cast and crew will answer questions following the screening.

Star Wars Triple Feature

Three of the greatest Star Wars fan films ever - together for the first time! Featuring Star Wars Downunder, Dark Resurrection vol. 0, and A Light in the Darkness.

Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

After 120 episodes, the Angry Video Game Nerd finally takes on the worst game of all time: E.T. The Hollywood Reporter calls AVGN: The Movie "obsessively self-indulgent" and an "aspiring cult film".

The Great Battles of Skyrim

Skyrim's monsters and knights clash by the hundreds in Tyrannicon's epic 6-part machinima series. Bring your popcorn and get ready for gigantic battles on the big screen.

The Last of Us fan film

Iron Horse Cinema's stunning three-part series based on the video game 'The Last of Us' will be shown as one long movie for the first time ever. Cast and crew will take your questions after the screening.


Based on the video game Deus Ex Human Revolution, the film dives into the world of Adam Jensen, a Sarif industries' security consultant that gets augmented after an incident that almost took his life away. Although the film doesn't follow the narrative of the game exactly, it remains true to the theme while focusing on the relationship between Adam Jensen, and his ex girlfriend Megan Reed, and the Augmented assassins that have kidnapped her.


“Cole” is a fan film of the Playstation video game series “Infamous” and is freely based on the game’s events. Entirely self-produced, the short film was directed by Fred Cavender over the course of 2013 in Bordeaux, France, with the challenge of making a “mini-blockbuster” with little to no budget.

Left 4 Dead: Impulse 76

The fight against the unending zombie hordes is joined by unexpected allies! Incredible action, guns and gore - the best Left 4 Dead film ever.

RWBY Volume 2 Marathon

Every episode of the action-packed animated series (vol. 2, eps 1-?). RWBY features pretty girls wth magic and big weapons fighting impossible battles against the dark creatures of Renmant. Created by Monty Oum and produced by Rooster Teeth Productions.

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist Marathon

Every episode of the web series that IGN called more authentic to the franchise than either of the larger budgeted Street Fighter feature films, as well as one of the best live action video game adaptations overall. Based on the popular video game series by Capcom, Street Fighter, the story focuses on Ryu and Ken as they uncover the past of their master, Gouken, and learn the secrets of their dark art, Ansatsuken.

The Smash Brothers

Every episode of the acclaimed web series that follows several top players of the fighting game Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Gaming in Color

Out of the closet and into the arcade! Gaming In Color is a full length documentary of the story of the queer gaming community, gaymer culture and events, and the rise of LGBTQ themes in video games. Filmmakers Matthew Conn and Philip Jones will take your questions following the film.

KAZ: Pushing The Virtual Divide

This film is about drive. It's about the passion and creative drive of Kazunori Yamauchi, the architect behind Gran Turismo's birth and breath-taking fifteen-year evolution. This film will trace his relentless willingness to challenge himself, to hold none of his past achievements sacred, and push beyond the virtual divide in his pursuit of perfection.

Good Game

Good Game is a feature length documentary about a group of men who exhibit the competitive drive of an athlete, the tactical skill of a general, and the creative talent of an artist. They bring all of these things to successful careers in competitive gaming as members of Team Evil Geniuses’ Starcraft 2 division. Director / Producer Mary Ratif will take your questions after the film.

Video Games: The Movie

Video Games: The Movie, a feature length documentary, aims to educate & entertain audiences about how video games are made, marketed, and consumed by looking back at gaming history and culture through the eyes of game developers, publishers, and consumers. It asks the questions of what it means to be a 'gamer', a game maker, and where games are headed.


Trickster is a live-action short film based on the Matrix movie - shot near Bogotá, Columbia.

Animated Short Films

The most hilarious animated short films of 2014. From Dark Souls to League of Legends, no game is safe from animated parody.

Featured films:

  • DARK SOULS II: Height of Despair (Ricepirate)
  • Mario & Luigi's Plumbing Plantastrophe, Attack on Pikmin, Zubatman (Terminal Montage)
  • Stick Figure Spotlight 1-4 (Hyun's Dojo)
  • Dark Sauce 1-2 (Arin Scalfo)
  • Batman VS The Terminator (Mitchell Hammond)
  • Luigi - Death Stare, Pokemon Origins - True Story (Pipoca)
  • Diablols - The Reaper of Souls (CarBotAnimations)

Select Shorts - in 3D!

Amazing, hilarious short films based on popular to obscure video games. The first 100 audience members will recieve 3D glasses.

Featured films:

  • Arcade Trap - in 3D! (Adam Walker)
  • How Gamers Eat their Food, Day Z in Real Life, Skyrim in Real Life (MrTVCow)
  • The Bolted Behemoth (The Winglet)
  • Chalk Warfare 3 (SoKrispyMedia)
  • Day of the Living Dead Batteries (Fury Fingers)
  • Return (James Young)
  • Girls With Swords (Megasteakman)
  • IRL 2.0 In Moderation (Anthony Rosner)

LATE NIGHT GRINDHOUSE featuring Casey Jones: The Movie

Sex, violence, gore - anything goes in this very late, very adult Grindhouse! The night ends with Casey Jones: The Movie - a dark re-imagining of the classic 90s TMNT movie with lots of surprises.

Featured films:

  • Smash Bros MMA (Silvermania)
  • Luigi's Day Out (HotDiggetyDemon)
  • Dark Souls Rogue Warrior, Dark Souls PSA Don't Use Hexes (Veselekov)
  • Flair - Trucker's Delight, DYE - Fantasy (Jérémie Périn)
  • Gritty Mario World (Fury Fingers)
  • Killer Instinct fan film (Really Clever Androids)
  • Racist Mario (Flashgitz)
  • Casey Jones the Movie (Polaris Banks)
  • Illbleed: Live Action Grindhouse Trailer (MegaSteakMan)

The Power of Glove (sneak peek)

A sneak peek of the documentary about the Power Glove, the world's most notorious video game controller.

Bagged and Bored (sneak peek)

One man's struggle to run a comic book store is constantly hindered by his evil ex girlfriend, off beat employees, and a cast of crazy customers! Episode 1 of this new webseries will screen and filmmakers will take your questions.